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9 Steps to Success in the Spray It Away Weight Loss Program

Spray It Away Weight Loss ProgramIn order to get the maximum results from this weight loss program it is important to understand it and prepare for it.  As the popular quote by Harvey MacKay says… “If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail.”   You won’t need to fail.  Follow the program  – follow the PLAN – and you’ll be sure to succeed!

Here are 9 things to do as you prepare for your weight loss program:

  1. Watch the weight loss program presentation so that you understand how and why this program will work for you.
  2. Read through the Program Guide & Daily Journal and through the website.
  3. Take your pictures (front, back & side views) and record your body measurements … You’ll want to remember how far you’ve come!
  4. Purchase a body weight scale and a food scale.
  5. Get rid of all junk food in your house!
  6. Write down ‘why’ you want to lose weight.  Dig deep!
  7. Set your goals.
  8. Commit to following through the complete weight loss program – not just Phase 1 & 2!
  9. Believe that you CAN do this!  We believe that you can and we’re here to help.

The majority of questions you might have are answered in this website and through our blogs. You can look through the menu to the left or do a ‘search’ though the entire website. If you cannot find an answer then please Contact Us.

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What People are Saying...

Doug lost 35.5 lbs, reached his goal weight and has stayed at it for over 2 1/2 years!beforeafter-dougp

I am 47 years old and one of those over-weight people who has tried every possible diet plan only to lose the weight and gain it all back. I had given up hope until I heard about Spray It Away from my sister in law and thought I would attend a meeting and give it a chance. I began my program on Oct. 20, 2011 at 190.5 lbs. 80 days later, I had reached my goal weight of 155 lbs. and dropped 35.5 lbs. I never believed I would ever reach my goal weight. This gave me the will power to make certain I stay at my goal weight. Losing the weight was the easy part, keeping it off was a journey but one that is a success. It's now been over 2 1/2 years and I can proudly say I'm still at my goal weight of 155 lbs. Over the last 2 1/2 years I have learned what I need to do to keep the weight off and still enjoy all the foods I love. I am proof that you can keep the weight off. It just takes a little will power and stubbornness. Don't lose hope. Doug Pomanski, Winnipeg, MB.
Doug Pomanski
Although I went on a four day quilt retreat and two days later I took a break to go to Las Vegas for five days, I still managed to lose 25 1/2 lbs. Through phase 2, I managed to stay with the program and didn't get discouraged even if the scale went up as within a day or two the scale went down again. I kept a positive attitude, confirming to myself that I was losing weight and that I could do this. I have much more energy (good thing as I am off to Calgary to babysit my 5 yr old grandson) and overall I just feel good about myself and have a lot more confidence. I have a long way to go and can't wait for phase 3 & 4 to be over so I can do phase 2 again.
Pearl Smith

There is Hope

Spray It Away provides healthy food options, structure, and quick initial results to keep you motivated and feeling that there is hope.

I have lost a total of 26 lbs.

Thank you Spray it Away ! I am in my second week of phase three and am keeping it off. I plan to do another round in December for another 10 to 15 lbs. I am so proud of myself. I love the new me. It was not always an easy diet to follow, but the sacrifices I made were soooo worth it. My whole family is eating healthier thanks to Spray it away .
Charlene Boychuk

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