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9 Steps to Success in the Spray It Away Weight Loss Program

Spray It Away Weight Loss ProgramIn order to get the maximum results from this weight loss program it is important to understand it and prepare for it.  As the popular quote by Harvey MacKay says… “If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail.”   You won’t need to fail.  Follow the program  – follow the PLAN – and you’ll be sure to succeed!

Here are 9 things to do as you prepare for your weight loss program:

  1. Watch the weight loss program presentation so that you understand how and why this program will work for you.
  2. Read through the Program Guide & Daily Journal and through the website.
  3. Take your pictures (front, back & side views) and record your body measurements … You’ll want to remember how far you’ve come!
  4. Purchase a body weight scale and a food scale.
  5. Get rid of all junk food in your house!
  6. Write down ‘why’ you want to lose weight.  Dig deep!
  7. Set your goals.
  8. Commit to following through the complete weight loss program – not just Phase 1 & 2!
  9. Believe that you CAN do this!  We believe that you can and we’re here to help.

The majority of questions you might have are answered in this website and through our blogs. You can look through the menu to the left or do a ‘search’ though the entire website. If you cannot find an answer then please Contact Us.

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What People are Saying...

At first I thought it was going to be extremely difficult to cut out items from my diet such as carbs, but in the end it really was not that difficult at all, and I found myself not missing anything. Since I love to cook I took it as a challenge to think outside the box and challenge myself to cook with different foods everyday. The first two days were difficult as my body was detoxing from the years of crap I head fed it. This motivated me more as I realized that I used food for all the wrong reasons. As the days went on I started to feel and look better. My clothes were fitting better and I had a whole lot more energy. The weight loss on the scale kept me motivated. I am still about 5 LBS away from my goal and will go through Phase three and four, but plan on returning for another cycle.
Devon Buhler
This was my first time on the diet. I work for a construction company and live in a camp. It was difficult at times to find the right foods to eat when the meals are made for the camp everyday. I did struggle a bit but I made it and I did lose 23 lbs. I will go on the diet again once I have completed phase 3 and 4 of this round. I would like to lose 25 more pounds.
Tamara Rochon

Great Product!

This is a GREAT product.  I've tried so many but this one has worked!  In 21 days I've lost over 10 lbs - that's a 1/2 lb a day.  I feel so much better.  I have no pain and I have energy!
Ada Lee

I love this program. IT WORKS.

I went from 170lbs. to 138lbs in 50 days. I am now in my 2nd week of maintenance and doing well. I have never paid much attention to the things I ate and ate rather poorly which is why I ended up being 170lbs. Not only has protocol helped me lose weight but maintenance is teaching me to enjoy choosing and eating healthier foods. My dream weight is 125lbs. so I will do at least another 21 days but there is no doubt in my mind I can achieve it. And keep it off. The program works exactly like Dave and Christine said it would. Thank you so much!

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